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The result is a legendary elixir that has been linked to extraordinary health and long life and is renowned in the naturopathic community. It is both a suspension of finely ground "rock flour" and dissolved trace minerals from the parent rocks. It is charged by ancient volcanic mineral fields containing plant-derived organic colloidal minerals known for high bioavailability. This legendary drink is known as “glacier milk”. We call it Serac® Genuine Glacial Milk®

Serac is Glacia Nova’s rarest and most exclusive glacial water offering. It is a limited release, premium luxury brand with a compelling story of uniqueness for those who desire the very best of the best.

There is only a finite window of opportunity each year – usually from mid-September through late October – that genuine Glacial Milk® can be harvested. Mother Nature tells us when and how much. Therefore, Serac is bottled only in limited quantities.

What Is Glacial Milk®?

Imagine a block of ice frozen onto a slope and put in the sun to sit for a period of time. After a while, it would begin to slide down the slope. Now imagine that block of ice is 5.7 miles long and 700 feet thick. As Mount Rainier’s summer months come to an end, that is exactly what happens to the Carbon Glacier – after being exposed to warmer temperatures all summer, it begins to move at an accelerated pace.

When something this massive moves, everything directly beneath it gets pulverized. In the case of the ancient volcanic bedrock surface of Mount Rainier, upon which the Carbon Glacier is moving, this means minerals like silica, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and others in trace amounts. These minerals are literally ground by the immense weight of the glacier into the consistency of flour. Indeed, the geological term for this pulverized mineral substance is “mineral flour” or “rock flour.” When the melting glacial ice then mixes with this blend of trace minerals, the cold, clear, pristine water becomes cloudy or “milky” white in color.